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Optimize takes all staff information directly from ESR, which saves time and protects the integrity of the data. Timesheets are produced automatically by Optimize and passed electronically to ESR.

Optimize provides a trusts Payroll department with a web interface that allows them to view all timesheet and absence data before and after submission to ESR.

David Booth, ESR Interface Team Manager, comments:
"The NHS Project Team has been working with Powertec and the Royal Berkshire Foundation Hospital NHS Trust to link Optimize to ESR using the standard interfaces. The Trust is now live on ESR with the interfaces working successfully and staff being paid from timesheet information sent direct from Optimize."

Darren Gatward, Head of Payroll Services, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, comments:
"The Trust's move to ESR was seamless with 100% accuracy using the two-way links to Optimize. Payment of enhancements was made in ESR from the Optimise interface with out any manual intervention, and these payments reflected exactly the authorised hours within Optimize. This interface process represents a significant time saving for inputting for payroll, as well as guaranteeing accuracy of the hours due for payment. We have every confidence in information from Optimize, and Powertec provides us with expert support based on their knowledge of HR and payroll in the NHS".