Optimize your Rosters. . .Optimize Your Costs

Optimize Roster

The Optimize rostering system balances the needs of staff, patients and the organisation.

  • For staff, it offers flexibility and caters for all the complex working arrangements that people need in order to achieve a work life balance
  • For patients, it ensures that the right number of staff are on duty at all times, and that they have the right skills.
  • For the organisation, it provides operational benefits at all levels and dramatically reduces expenditure on bank, agency and overtime.

Setting Up Optimize

Optimize is an extremely flexible system. The Setup module defines how an organisation will use Optimize. Some information is set up by individual Work Group, whereas other key information needs to be set up on an organisation-wide basis to ensure compatibility for reporting.

Optimize Modules

Optimize offers a wide range of features, from Self Service for all staff through to key management information. These are contained in the following four modules: