Optimize your Rosters. . .Optimize Your Costs

Optimize Roster Management

Roster Management transforms the process of preparing rosters. No more files for annual leave, time owing etc, no more scrawled messages – everything is available online. Other features such as automatic timesheets, ward reports and absence management tools make it essential for ward managers.


Four weeks visible on screen
Shift counts by ward, skill group and skill
Colours emphasise under-runs and over-runs
Indicators highlight additional information

Planning Rosters
Work group defined shifts and activities
Easy to add external staff (eg bank staff, students)
Transfer staff to other wards/department
Quick search for people working and not working
Colour coded totals and target hours for each person help balance rosters
Shift combination alerts can be set (eg night shift followed by early shift)

Time Tracking
Compares scheduled and contract hours for each person
Time owing summary for each member of staff
Precise timings displayed in day manager view

Leave Requests
Quick check on requests pending per roster period
Choose processing sort order - date received, leave type, skill group, week
Annual leave information to help process holiday requests

Annual Leave
Weekly summary of staff on annual leave
Tracks individuals’ totals of annual leave taken and remaining
Annual leave ‘smoother’ to help even out leave across the year
Automatic calculation of entitlements – and recalculation to reflect changes

Add sickness to roster for whole day or part day
Updates sickness records and timesheet

Timesheets are prepared automatically
Manager can review and authorise timesheets online

Details of roster changes are recorded to show who made what change and when
Audit trail also on authorisation of shifts, leave requests and timesheets

Reduced administration
Everything in one place
Rosters are fair, balanced and cost effective